Open Pond Algae Farming

Open pond systems are generally regarded as a less than viable solution despite the advantages of being very cheap to run and more easily managed than other methods. The reason many people believe open pond algae farming isn’t is a good solution is the difficulty in finding a high lipid algae strain suitable for farming in a certain area that can cope with seasonal change and [...]

Biodiesel From Algae

Biodiesel can be made from algae but it is hard to predict how economically viable different methods can be. Most research is currently done by the private sector and although this research is bringing the science forward it is next to impossible to really evaluate the techniques without building and running production [...]

Closed Loop System Algae Farming

With all the problems related to open pond farming, most scientist are convinced that another solution is needed to avoid diseases and species competition. One such alternative system is closed loop algae farming. Closed loop algae farming means that you grow algae in a closed system (usually made up by tubes) that allows light to reach the algae but prevents other algae species and disease to enter the [...]

Wastewater & Algae Farming

A possible future use for waste water (sewage as well agricultural) and flood plain run-off is as nutrition in algae farms. Water like this do however contain a lot of bacteria that are harmful to lipid rich algae strains and the waste water would therefore need to be treated before it is [...]

Will algae bio fuel replace fossil fuel in the future?

In this clip from Associated Press, John Mone talks to California scientists about the future of bio fuel extracted from “pond scum”. Algae grow fast and take up little land, and some variants can even be grown in salt [...]

Economic Viability of Algae Oil

A question many people are asking is whether algae farming and algae oil ever is going to be a economically viable options. Some will say NO, other say “perhaps in time”, while a third group says that it already is. The truth depends a little on what you consider as economically [...]

PhotoBioreactors & Algae Oil

Photobioreactors are the most widely researched method for developing biofuel from algae. A photobioreactor is a system in which nutrient rich water is pumped through transparent plastic tubes subjected to sunlight. This creates an ideal environment for algae and allow for very quick [...]

Algae harvesting

Different types of algae are harvest in different ways. Macro algae is easier to harvest than micro algae and can be harvested more energy efficient. One way of harvesting macro algae is to simply have a net installed in the pond and raise it to bring the algae up and out of the water. The algae are then harvested using mechanical cutters similar to lawnmowers. This process was earlier done by [...]

Producing algae oil through ultrasonic extraction

In order to turn algae into bio fuel, the oil must be extracted. One of several interesting methods currently being investigated is ultrasonic extraction of algae oil into water. In this video you will be able to see algae oil extracted from algae using Industrial Sonomechanics’ (ISM) high-gain Barbell [...]

Algae Bio Fuel Introduction

Algae bio fuel – also known as oilgae, algal fuel, or algaeoleum – is a type of biofuel derived from algae. Several companies and governments are currently funding research project focused on making algae bio fuel an economically and environmentally feasible alternative to fossil [...]