Closed Loop System Algae Farming

With all the problems related to open pond farming, most scientist are convinced that another solution is needed to avoid diseases and species competition. One such alternative system is closed loop algae farming. Closed loop algae farming means that you grow algae in a closed system (usually made up by tubes) that allows light to reach the algae but prevents other algae species and disease to enter the system. A closed loop system also keeps out bacteria that can compete with the algae. Closed loop systems do work but the problem is to create systems that can produce algae in large enough quantities for a low enough cost. The goal is to maximize the output of each system.

The main problem which closed loop systems is to make sure that the water contains enough sterile CO2 for the algae to grow. If too little CO2 is present the algae wont grow at the desired speed, and if none-sterile CO2 is introduced you run the risk of introducing disease and competing organisms creating the same problem you face in open pond farming. A lot of experiments have been made running the exhaust CO2 from factories through a close loop system and this seems to work very well. It reduces CO2 emissions and hence helps fight global warming. The algae produced can be burned in generators creating energy for the factory to use.

Some experts thinks that the only way to make algae oil farming profitable in the near future is to put the farms near big coal and oil power plants where all the excess CO2 can be used by the farm. This might be worth considering even if it doesn’t make any money as it will reduce CO2 emissions from the power plants. In fact, some believe that it in the future it should be mandatory for power plants to feed the CO2 emissions through a system like this to reduce CO2 emissions.

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