Biodiesel From Algae

Biodiesel can be made from algae but it is hard to predict how economically viable different methods can be. Most research is currently done by the private sector and although this research is bringing the science forward it is next to impossible to really evaluate the techniques without building and running production [...]

Wastewater & Algae Farming

A possible future use for waste water (sewage as well agricultural) and flood plain run-off is as nutrition in algae farms. Water like this do however contain a lot of bacteria that are harmful to lipid rich algae strains and the waste water would therefore need to be treated before it is [...]

Algae harvesting

Different types of algae are harvest in different ways. Macro algae is easier to harvest than micro algae and can be harvested more energy efficient. One way of harvesting macro algae is to simply have a net installed in the pond and raise it to bring the algae up and out of the water. The algae are then harvested using mechanical cutters similar to lawnmowers. This process was earlier done by [...]